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Woodland Hills, CA

Churchill & Smith

Very glad we found this brand- the pillows are excellent quality!

We bought K-Lex pillows from Churchill & Smith. We were buying a mattress at a retail store and we saw the pillows and tried them there. They sold us a side sleeper pillow for my husband and then we got a regular one for me, and he ended up liking mine better, so when we went back a year later we got a new one for him and decided to invest in one for each of our children. We wouldn't have spent so much on pillows without being able to try them out first. It is a higher quality pillow with no chemicals and they have improved the quality of our sleep. We got them because of their fiber content and the latex blend. We like them very much, but they do become flat very easily over time. I feel like they don't have much of a life beyond two years. However, we went back again and put in another order because they are made with no chemicals and because of the comfort.