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Established in 1994 in Olympia, Washington, we are a plumbing service and repair company dedicated to professionalism and quality in the plumbing trade.


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Olympia, WA

Brooks Plumbing Co.

Good work, difficult pricing

I've been using Brooks Plumbing Co. since they began for a few decades and their work is great. They always do the job and they did so this time. I hired them to replace a toilet, but the cost was really high compared to other places. I wasn't given full price of what it would cost until afterwards and I was a bit in shock when I saw the total price. It looks like on the form, the place where you sign before they start the work and where it should give a base cost, there were a couple additions that surprised me. It would have been nice if I had known what the total price would be. For example, the waterline was $28 instead of $5-6 when you buy it off the shelf. I just thought that it seemed an additional price well over anything I could have imagined. I just felt like I really wasn't giving the full information on the cost before Paul, who is very good and efficient, had me sign the form. He should have totaled it up so that I knew exactly what the cost was going to be. They don't give estimates over the phone, so you can't compare it to the other plumbers and pay the $49 that is waived if you hire them. It's a little hard to compare them to others when they won't give the estimate over the phone. The total cost of the bill was at least $100 more than a few other plumbers I had called. It was just bothersome that I didn't know the total cost until after the work was done. I don't know if I would have chosen someone else had I known the cost, but I feel I didn't have the full information to make that decision. I've always been satisfied with them and I've been using them for a very long time. It was just unfortunate that it happened the way it did. Usually they'll come in, assess and give you a total of what it was going to be and obviously sometimes there are added things along the way. The job itself was straightforward, basically just all of the normal things that come with replacing a toilet. There were no complications at all. It's always been that they come in they let me know how much it costs to fix with no problem. They do good work and for the most part, they're very honest and upfront. I don't know whether or not this experience was a fluke. He admitted that the price is higher than a lot of other plumbers. I just feel that Paul should have given me the full price before he began so that I could made my decision. I may have gone with them anyway. That part did not feel good to me. The work was good, though. Paul was in and out in an hour. It was $300 to change the toilet, whereas another company quoted $165 and two others quoted $200. I've always been satisfied with the work, it was the total price that bothered me. Depending on the job, I may or may not use them again. Some of the things the prices seem comparable based on other quotes. I guess I'd be a little more careful next time and would be more cautious.