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Mr. Rooter Plumbing provides expert plumbing services to residential and commercial customers 24/7. No overtime charges for nights, weekends or holidays. Call Now!


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Plantation, FL

Mr. Rooter Plumbing

Forget price, which is fair...think finality! Once they're, done so are you!

The 1st time I used Mr. Rooter I just bought a washer/dryer & I was shoving it in where the old ones were & discovered these new models were way fatter. I had to move the hot & cold bibs which were facing the side of the old units but with the new units, I needed this space. I completed the 90 degree turn on the cold side easily but over heated the hot side when I soldered the connection & had a leak.

It was Sunday night around 10pm & Home Depot was closed. I ordinarily do all this type of work myself but now I was screwed! I walked outside w/my beer to think & saw my neighbor had a plumber's van in her driveway. I hand wrote a note explaining I had to shut the main to the house off because of the leak & needed help & put the note under the wiper blade of the plumber's van. Amazingly, the plumber knocked on my door w/my note in hand. He had 1 valve in his truck & it was not the one he felt comfortable with but he had a solution. With the pluming parts I had & his knowledge he fabricated a valve in my driveway, installed it & told me to turn the main back on. I did & leaks! When I looked at where he installed the "custom" valve, he also properly refit what I had done, installed a proper box in the wall a stayed to help me clean up, push the washer/dryer into the closet & suggested he wait for my wife to turn it on to be certain there were no leaks. Who does that?

I later found out that the plumber was Mr. August who owns Mr. Rooter & it was his wife who called me back to ask about the quality of the plumber who I dealt with. I had no idea it was his wife at the time. They are REAL PEOPLE.

Today my neighbor had a leak where she conncets her garden hose to wash the car in the driveway in front & another out back so I called Mr. Rooter & had another exceptional experience so I had the man fix a leak I was too lazy to fix myself while he was here! Pay once & enjoy life often! Do Not sweat the few dollars between one guy & the next! Life is too short!!!

Mr. Rooter is the only company I will ever use & I was raised to be completely self reliant! Mr. Rooter is the guy to call when you know your Dad will come behind him & check!