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Norblom Plumbing is a full service plumbing shop that has been family owned since 1923.


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Minneaplis, MN

Norblom Plumbing

Good work on a leaking pipe fixture

I had a leak where a pipe met the diverter on our tub. After struggling to figure out how to fix it myself, I called Norblom Plumbing, and within 45 minutes Kurt came to work on it.

He showed me that the leak was caused by a hairline crack in a piece of the tub diverter assembly. He said that although he had a replacement part, he didn't feel comfortable using it because it wasn't an exact match, and that the best thing would be to get an exact match for the part that came with the orginal diverter assembly, but it might take time to track down.

He said that if I felt comfortable with doing it, I could buy the replacement part and install it myself. I said sure. I had installed several faucet sets in the past and knew I could do it easily enough. Kurt told me where I could most likely get the replacement part (at Park Plumbing Supply in my neighborhood) and showed me how to put it on myself.

I really respect Kurt for telling me this. He could have easily put on the part he had, but by his own admission, it may have leaked, and he didn't want that to happen.

I asked Kurt to put on hot and cold water cutoffs behind the tub so I could work on this fix without having to shut off all the water in the house. (The cutoff valves will also come in handy when I need to do more work on the tub fixtures later.) Kurt did the work quickly and thoroughy, and it didn't cost too much because his entire visit was less than an hour.

After he left, I went to the plumbing supply store, and as luck would have it, they had the part. I went back home and put it on myself exactly as Kurt had instructed me to do. Within another hour, it was all done and the leak was fixed. Plus, I had new cutoff valves behind the tub.

It was a quick and relatively painless solution to my plumbing problem.

Kurt did great work, was calm, unassuming, and provided great instructions and advice. I truly appreciate his honesty and integrity.