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We eagerly provide clients with the most modern, ground-breaking auto appearance technologies that extends the life of one of your largest investments: your car.


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Fort Saskatchewan , AB

Ming Shine


Brought my car in for interior detailing, got it back earlier in the day than promised but I wish they would have kept it longer and finished the job. I chose to get it cleaned professionally to save myself some time but I ended up getting it home and had to spend hours and countless buckets of soapy water to re clean it, not to mention the fact that I'm also 300 bucks poorer. The vacuuming wasn't very thorough as I picked up gravel, dog hair and gum wrappers from around the car, the floor mats still had grime in them. The carpets were still damp so I guess it did get shampoo'd but I have to assume it was done about as well as the vacuuming.
I was also quite disappointed with the vapour cleaning results as there were many spots and residue that were still there that came off with soapy water at home, like I said it took me numerous buckets to clean all the surfaces of the car. In my opinion splashing some armour all around and making things look shiny doesn't mean they're clean or looking like new as the website suggests.
Meticulous- hardly.
Every square centimetre- not even close!
Looking like new- fail.
The people were great to deal with on the phone and in store but I still feel like this was a waste of money.