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Sherwood Park, AB

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Steve McCargar's M4

This is the 3rd vehicle I have brought to Ming for paint protection, and this time it was a unique experience.

My car was taken straight from the dealership to Ming's southside Edmonton location, in pristine condition. The 2016 BMW M4 was the realization of my dream car, and I was extremely excited to be behind the wheel.

After the Ming techs had finished applying their product (which is excellent - which is why I am a return customer), they had backed my car out into the parking lot on a beautiful sunny day, ready to be picked up.

When I pulled up I was greeted by Assistant Manager Benjamin Jeffrey. As the wife and I looked the car over, my wife noticed what appeared to be an almost milky/waxy looking circular area on the hood, about the size of a half dinner plate. Obviously I was concerned and Mr. Jeffrey seemed mystified by its presence.

After unsuccessfully trying to wipe it off with a cloth, he moved my car back into the bay in an attempt to buff out the mark, which mysteriously vanished under the florescent lighting indoors. Once it had been buffed, he backed the car back out into precisely the same spot it was originally parked in in the parking lot. Once again it was inspected and much to every ones dismay, the milky halo remained.

Bear in mind, this was now a good half hour past closing time as they were closing early for the day for a corporate meeting of some kind, and the continued efforts to rectify the problem were making him extremely late. However, he seemed generally concerned and took my car back in and once again went about trying to buff out the mysterious stain on my dream car.

Sadly, as he pulled the car out the final time, it looked as though the stain remained. He offered to do anything to make it right but by now he'd run out of time and had to get to his meeting. Abviously I was distressed about my car, but his attitude and professionalism kept my mind at ease. I knew, somehow, it would be ok.

We all took pictures and agreed to meet the following week for some remedial action we had agreed upon.

Once I got the car home and went to take some more pictures with a better camera, I noticed that the stain had once again disappeared and no matter the angle I looked at it, I couldn't see anything. That's when it dawned on me. There was no stain.

As mentioned earlier it was an unusually bright and sunny day, particularly for March. The hood on the BMW M4 features a "bulge" in the middle just above the engine. My car is mineral white, and the perfect combination of the metallic flake in my paint, the bulge in my hood, the position of the sun, and the amazing reflective qualities of the Ming product caused the suns rays to reflect off of my hood bulge such that it gave a halo look. As my car was repeatedly backed into the same position in Mings lot, everytime the car was inspected the halo was in the exact same place. It sounds like something that should have easily been discounted as a reflection, but it's just something you had to see for yourself.

I was happy to report to Mr. Jeffery that everything was ok. Throughout everything he was literally one of the best Managers I've ever had to deal with, given the situation at hand. His professionalism and empathy was such that even though part of me was freaking out that my $90k car appeared tarnished, I would be taken care of.

Not only do I recommend Ming, I highly recommend the southside location. Great work (my car looks awesome), and amazing staff.