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We eagerly provide clients with the most modern, ground-breaking auto appearance technologies that extends the life of one of your largest investments: your car.


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Ming Shine

I have been bringing my vehicles to Ming for 10 years. Always had great service. Not this time.

I have brought my vehicles to Ming for 10 years. I have had 2 new vehicles done with Ming finish paint protection and multiple dent and scratch repairs. The work has always been top notch and that shine has lasted for years. I was amazed at how shiny my vehicle looked after 5 years. After seeing my new vehicles with Ming, my wife brought hers in to be done as well. This year I brought my old vehicle in for a mini Ming before I sold it. Service and end product were great. As a long time customer I received good pricing and future discounts that I planned to use on my new vehicle.

I brought in my new Porsche once it arrived for Ming and Expel Ultimate coverings. I picked the car up in the bright sunshine with the manager doing a final micro fibre cloth wipe down in front of me. I did not see any issues at the time and of course the shine from the Ming was awesome. After arriving home and in the shade I observed several imperfections in the work to the Expel covering. On the hood right next to the Porsche crest were two bubbles that were visible. People looking at my new car thought it was a scratch as it was in a line shape. On the front bumper there were 3 spots where brown chunks could be easily observed under the coating. There was also a cut in the corner of the covering which looked white like a white paint chip. On the rear bumber there was a large section of air bubbles as if the crease had not been pushed down hard enough. I brought the vehicle back and showed the manager who agreed that they would take it back in and redo it under its warranty. When I picked the vehicle up the second time I observed right away that the air bubble lines on the hood were still visible, the chunks were still on the front bumber and the rear bumber air bubble creases were still there. The white film that was cut and sticking up was now cut off and carved off from the original covering leaving paint exposed. I asked the manager if the work had been done yet as all issues were still visible. He said it was all done. I asked if the coatings were removed and replaced. He said no, they just fixed them. I expected the Expel to be removed and replaced to fix the problem. I was told that their garage was not a sealed chamber and the work could not always be perfect. I did not expect perfect but I expected the issues to be corrected and the only way to do this was to put on a new covering of Expel. To compound matters, when I picked my vehicle up it was covered in a heavy layer of dust as if they put it next to a gravel pit. Where was the shiny washed vehicle, floor mats and manager shining with a cloth that I have always received from all my other Ming orders. I guess warranty work(where they don't get paid) does not get the regular level of service. I basically had to argue with the manager to get them to replace the front bumber Expel coating. So in the car went for the third time. It came back with the bumper coating replaced this time. I still have the original coating on the hood and rear bumper with the imperfections. The best way to sum up my experience was as my friend stated when I showed her the work, "You brought in a brand new Porsche and this is what they gave you back, unbelieveable. I would never bring any car there."