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We eagerly provide clients with the most modern, ground-breaking auto appearance technologies that extends the life of one of your largest investments: your car.


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Edmonton, AB

Ming Shine

Reputable company that backs thier product

Had a couple of problems with the final product

1 - Buffing marks are visiable on the truck - upon informing the staff they offered to polish my tuck at a later date - Though appreciated it becomes very inconvient as I work out of my truck. As the service is offered only if I leave the truck for a full day I will have to return the truck for a 2 day to have it done correctly.

2 - I have a company decal on the tailgate that's color was partially buffed off - I have to pay to redecal the tailgate. The time and cost to due this is minumul but a unnessasary inconvienence.

3 - Wax was left on some of the plastic moldings - Chev 2500HD - Hood plastic, and tailgate handle plastic. The staff informed me that this will be taken care of upon my return - Again easily fixed and I cleaned the excess wax of myself.

4 - 2010 chev 2500, sales truck 20,000km upon a full ming job $450.00 you can still see the original brush marks from the car wash and other areas of paint wear - This particual truck was never washed properly and was in poor condition upon arriving - It beeing only a few months old with little km's and for the money I was expecting better results - This may not have been achievable Im not a detailer but from what I heard from the sales rep expected better. Dont get me wrong its a significant improvment from when I brought it in.

I took my truck to Ming becasue I own a Black truck and trusted through refrences Ming was the place to take it. I payed the extra money and am confident based on the staffs response the truck will be completed properly the 2nd time

. The flip side is I payed the premium for the ming service, I expected my truck to be taken care of the first visit by the best in the buissness. Yet have been inconvienced based on the lack of detail (wax residue left on the plastic, decal been buffed out) and due to the presence of visible buffing marks inexpierence of the detailer.

We carry a fleet of over 20 trucks mostly black, a few of the trucks go in every spring for a full detailing.

I will definatly refer Ming to others as they stand behind thier work. As a service provider myself I understand these things happen, and know it always happen to a customer on his first visit.

See you at my next visit to have it rebuffed.

Feel free to call me with any questions.

Thank you
Steve Cronin
Buissness Development, Partner
Enerbuilt Technologies