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We eagerly provide clients with the most modern, ground-breaking auto appearance technologies that extends the life of one of your largest investments: your car.


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Drayton Valley, AB

Ming Shine

worst service ever

I wanted to say thanks for the great experience but I can I would have to lie.

This started when I first called to bring my truck 3500 ram in to be cleaned. I was told that it would cost around 400 bucks. So when your people on the on south side told me the price was $837.90 I was shocked. When I ask to see the truck first before paying I was told it was not ready and needed to pay as the store was closing.

So I paid. Voiced my concern and no reply.

At 530 I final walk into the back to see what's up with my truck and there is only the manager there and he is dealing with a guy that walked in after me. ( I was there for over a half hour). Anyways I guess guys in fancy cars are more important than guys with $90 000 dollar trucks.

So i walk over to the truck and start to look at it. The guy(your rep) comes over and goes how does it look. I start to point out how none of the scratches where repaired and the rock chip in the hood had nothing done to it. ( when I dropped it off I told the guy that there is ram paint in the truck and that I wanted to have the chips and scratches fixed. ( famous last works from him not a problem)

Well I guess it was as it was not done. So at this point I'm very mad As 800 buck clean job looks like I took it the the elementary school car wash. At least that would of been for a good cause.

So I start to drive home and as soon as the sun hits the front windshield. Ya you guessed it it was streaked so bad that I had to stop and buy some window cleaner. Wow glad I paid 349 buck for this.

This is the worst place I have ever taken any of my truck and cars too. I WILL NEVER EVER come back to this place and will tell anyone that will listen that your service sucks and charges are out of this world

Thanks for royal screwing me. Just wished you would of bought me a drink first

Oh ya the 40 dollar gift certificate was a real slap in the face