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We eagerly provide clients with the most modern, ground-breaking auto appearance technologies that extends the life of one of your largest investments: your car.


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Sturgeon County, AB

Ming Shine

Excellent product but fell short on service this time

I love the Ming Shine treatment on my vehicles and this was my 4th one to get done over the last 10 years. As always, the paint on my 6 year old SUV came out perfect, all swirl marks and minor scratches disappeared. I also had them fix a rip in the drivers seat and recover the leather portion of the steering wheel. Both of these items were done better than I expected they could be. The one issue on the interior was that the seat belts were not cleaned. I specifically asked about them when I made my appointment and they were missed. Normally that's not a big deal but these belts are dirty and greasy and really needed to get done. To Ming's credit, when I mentioned they were missed, Jerrod told me to stop by any time and they would get that done. It's just not convenient for me to get to the shop during business hours, so this will have to wait.
The main reason I only gave Ming 3 stars for the Total Experience rating is this. I went to pick my vehicle up after their normal business hours because I work until well after they close. I asked that the key Ming had, be placed under the drivers mat, along with the receipt (I paid by phone). When I got there, the key was there, but no receipt. Then when I went to start my vehicle the #*(*#$ battery was dead! I popped the hood to check for a loose connection and noticed that my battery post covers had been moved. The battery had clearly died in the shop during the day and someone boosted the truck to move it outside. Rather than putting a charger on it, they just appear to have shut it off and left it for me to discover at 10 pm. Well, over 1 hour after I arrived and $60 lighter, the tow truck jump started it for me. This was not a minor inconvenience to me. When I complained about the battery the next day, it was just shrugged off as a mistake, sorry about that, what can you do sort of thing. That left a bad taste in my mouth for sure. Ming could at least offer to pay for the boost, since it was clearly their mistake.
So to sum up, Ming has an excellent product and "usually" excellent customer service. They really missed the mark on the service this time.