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We eagerly provide clients with the most modern, ground-breaking auto appearance technologies that extends the life of one of your largest investments: your car.


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Edmonton, AB

Ming Shine

Worst Experience Ever

I took in a classic car that the engine bay had become saturated in road grime/salt/grease during transport. As a birthday gift my friend paid for an engine detailing. After waiting 3.5 hours I returned to find the whole area exactly the way it was. I was very understanding that the valve cover would have to be replaced and that the underside of the hood and compartment repainted. I did not understand how it was still coated in grease that I was able to pick up gobs of with my finger. I showed the manager and he continued to make excuses. In no way did he exert any sort of management demeanor, in fact, I thought he was just one of the kid workers there. I even grabbed the "dent" guy thinking he was the manager and he too agreed that it was a horrible job.

I called head office and explained the situation to a very kind district manager. She said she would speak to the manager about his lack of customer service/quality and call me back. It's the end of the day and I still haven't received a call back.