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For those reading this rating of my experience, STOP! CANCEL YOUR ORDER WITH ‘CARPET MAN PRO INC.’ You have just three days to do it to get all your deposit back; they can not keep a penny. On January 31, 2017 ‘Carpet Man Pro. Inc. lost in court against me but they were not reprimanded for all they did wrong which was price gouging (asking for more than a project is worth by overlapping measurements plus the 5% and charging high above standard price for materials) and ordering excess of unused and unneeded material (this is the material they will take and use for their next project without offering you credit, if they leave it that also clearly shows they did not need to order the excess material). ‘Carpet Man Pro Inc.’ claims they have a picture on their site of my floor. This picture is what was seen in court but the photo was altered to show dark panels where there were none. My floor, with engineered hardwood, does not have a balanced look as I asked from the start. This was a request that should have been on my contract, which they purposely failed to do. ‘Carpet Man Pro Inc.’ supervisor Dave, who I only saw once each day, assigned a subcontractor named Juan. Juan brought with him Miguel (Miguel spoke no English) and could not converse any English words with me. The subcontractors installed the flooring and refused to let me see or walk on it until they were finish which was the second day. That is when I noticed what they had done was incorrect. I brought it to their attention. Juan nodded his head and Miguel would never say a word to me. I brought it to the attention of Dave the supervisor who wanted to charge me extra for work I found out would compromise the integrity of the floor and as a contractor he known this. I came to realized that ‘Carpet Man Pro Inc.’ should reimburse me. At that time ‘Carpet Man Pro Inc.’ refused to correct the errors the proper way. Don’t do business with ‘Carpet Man Pro Inc.’ they seem nice but they are sneaky and terrible for the customer. They were also in violation of the California State Business and Professional code #7159 referencing ‘Proper Contract Preparation and Down Payment’ that is within the ‘Contractors State License Board’ (CSLB) policy. They are ‘Pros’ on how to trick you. It’s in their name. I rate “Carpet Man Pro Inc.’ with an ‘F’ for Failed! Don’t let them fail you or your friends. Pass the word.


Thank you for working with us over the course of several months to try and resolve your concerns. We attempt to make it clear to a customer before the order is placed for details like variation in the natural wood, installation procedure, and how you can provide approval during the process. We'd hoped that after the legal proceedings and state board review, you'd accept their findings. If you have questions, please contact us to help you out.

Carpet Man Pro Flooring Inc commented on 04/04/2017