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SBW Inc. is one of the most experienced pool companies in SoCal. We offer free estimates and same day service. Regardless of the job, we promise to do our best.
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Robert B.

Los Angeles, CA



SBW Inc installed a new pool for me last year. I'm still waiting for it to be finished. I'm not happy with the construction. From the beginning, the job was a disaster. The demo crew sent glass shards flying everywhere with no thought to safety. It was a big mess day after day. My wife and I had to hose down the area every night. I asked them multiple times to keep the place clean, but it continued to be a mess throughout. They left their stuff everywhere. There wasn't really anyone in charge. The guy who was supposed to be supervising didn't give a $@!#% and was very unprofessional. Daniel, the owner, is a nice guy and everything, but I don't think his company is ready for prime time. I have a background in residential construction, so I ended up supervising much of the work myself. A homeowner shouldn't be expected to do that. I wouldn't wish this crew on anyone else. I've given up on ever getting the finishing touches done. SBW has also been maintaining the pool, but I'm thinking about dropping them. I have a robot that cleans most of the pool and the pool guy just has to vacuum the steps and the spa, but he doesn't even do that. The only reason I chose SBW was because they carry the SEMCO surface, which most other companies don't offer. Now the SEMCO is cracking and Daniel said it wasn't his responsibility. I asked for an estimate on repairing the surface a month ago and still haven't heard back. Nobody is in charge there. They need people who are good at supervising the work crews and have the ability to give customers a hassle-free experience. SBW Inc just doesn't have the right people. They don't have the right culture. I don't want these people back on my property.