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SBW Inc. is one of the most experienced pool companies in SoCal. We offer free estimates and same day service. Regardless of the job, we promise to do our best.
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We are an HOA Condo Development located in Burbank. After speaking to about six other pool contractors we fortunately chose SBW to do a complete renovation of our 50-year-old commercial pool. Many of the other pool contractor salesmen we spoke to drove a fancy Mercedes Benz and told us how many expensive pools they have built in Beverly Hills. Daniel Stolle with SBW drives a big working pickup truck and was raised in a pool building family that goes back several generations. Daniel knows the pool building business from the ground up and still gets his hands dirty. The whole process of negotiating the contract was smooth and we never felt like we were being pressured. Daniel was always available to answer our questions and speak to our HOA Board. Throughout this initial process, SBW was great at responding to our email and phone calls. Once construction started, we transitioned to text messages and we could count on SBW to get back to us promptly.

SBW prepared a detailed project plan for our project and they stayed on their plan throughout June and July 2020 during the pandemic. Although we had some minor delays due to the delays in the permitting process, the project started and finished on-time.

The SBW Team were incredibly helpful and professional in refurbishing our pool. They did an amazing job and exceeded our expectations.

The SBW crew members were a dream to work with. The staff were friendly, responsive and they care deeply about the quality of their work. Any issues have been small, and the team has worked quickly to remedy any problems through great communication. I can’t recommend SBW highly enough!

The SBW sub-contractors were excellent. The Demo crew, the Chippers, the Plumbers, Cement Crew and the Plasters all were in and out of our property in one day. Their work was fast and neat, and the quality of their work is exceptional.

The crews showed up on time and were respectful of our residents and our property. The crews went beyond their normal jobs to take care of special requests without a fuss. For example, one day a vendor’s Driver delivering several pallets of coping and he had a problem safely delivering on our steep driveway. After the Driver broke several pieces of coping, I called SBW and they sent over two men from another job to help the Driver to safely unload the material.

SBW has a strong, experienced team who have expertise in numerous trades. I was impressed with the time the crew take in measuring and remeasuring on laying the coping and setting the tile. The concrete lines and storm drains were planned out in detail and the final product looks great because of this level of detail in every part of the construction. The crew always take their time to do things the right way. Sometimes things didn’t work out liked they wanted, and they did it over without being asked. These guys have pride in what they do, and it shows in their work. I was impressed with their level of detail.

During the process we had several change orders for unforeseen problems that cropped up. We always felt SBW treated us fairly in these change requests. On several items SBW provided more than we expected and SBW ate the additional expense rather than pass it on to the us. We never felt like we were being nickeled and dimed. SBW frequently did little things to go above and beyond to create a memorable, positive relationship. It’s been a pleasure working with SBW and we were a little sad to see them move on to their next pool project. It’s not often when you can find a vendor who keeps their promises and exceeds your expectations. SBW is one of these rare finds!

SBW has exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend them. We like them so much we want to keep them around to service our new beautiful pool on a weekly basis.