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NuVet Labs has been manufacturing pet supplements since 1997. Using natural human grade ingredients, NuVet Labs, is the cornerstone of good health in companion pets.
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Debra J.

Floyd, VA

NuVet Labs

This has given my dog many extra years!

Two years ago my 11 year old Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler cross dog Jake got a tumor next to his $@!#%. It was bad because he would scoot on the ground and open up a wound and it was impossible to keep clean. A trip to the vet told us that operating on the tumor - which at that point was benign was tricky and he could be incontinent after. The chances of infection were great. I looked up possible solutions and we tried a combination of 3 NuVet Plus Wafers a day plus two drops of Blue Scorpion homeopathic under his tongue a day. In a few weeks the tumor started to dissolve and when we took him to the vet a few months later it was totally gone!!! They were amazed.
Last month, two years later Jake started losing weight and would not eat. He had difficulty deficating. A trip to the vet showed a mass in his colon plus more in his liver and a lymph node. It is inoperable and for a 13 year old dog would probably kill him anyhow. We started the same treatment again and this is amazing. Jake is eating and he is eliminating! He has energy and is starting to put a little weight back on. We don't know if he's "cured" but we will continue with this treatment to give our great old dog some more happy years! We are very glad we found NuVet Plus. We give a wafer a day to our 9 year old English Shepperd just as a preventative supplement.
Debbie Johnson
Floyd, Virginia