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NuVet Labs has been manufacturing pet supplements since 1997. Using natural human grade ingredients, NuVet Labs, is the cornerstone of good health in companion pets.
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Judy P.

Lanesville, IN

NuVet Labs

Extremely satisfied, highly recommended

I have been using NuVet Labs for little over a year now. I started purchasing their pet vitamins online because they came highly recommended by two different breeders, in different areas of the country, for two new puppies that I had purchased. The breeders provided samples, and we were extremely pleased. But, I got to thinking - how do I know if these vitamins are actually helping my puppies or if they are just being energetic little puppies?

So, I decided to start giving them to my 15-year-old Shih Ttzu - Trixie. After about one week of giving Trixie these vitamins, I was absolutely amazed. Trixie was up and doing things that she had not done in a very long time. I noticed it was easier for her to get up and down the stairs, and she was even getting up and playing a little bit with the puppies. She was more active during the day and sleeping less. She started wanting to go out on walks again, and I can really tell the difference in the ease of movement in her legs. Seeing what these vitamins have done for Trixie has really sold me on them!

The flavor seems to be good because the dogs really like them. At first, they thought they were treats. I don't have to fight them or hide the vitamins to get them to eat them. I just put it in with their food, and they eat them with no problem at all. I also think that the price is very good compared to some of the other products out there or the prices in the pet stores. NuVet Labs also has auto ship, and I use one bottle a month for three dogs, so the auto ship works extremely well for me. I highly, highly, highly recommend them!