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For over 30 years, Pioneer Plumbing & Rooter has proudly served the Southern California areas of Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and Ventura.


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Sherman Oaks, CA

Pioneer Plumbing

They are never on time or keep their appointments!

I used this company to find out why my pipes were emitting an unpleasant oder. They went under the house and didn't see anything. They also did not secure the vent with the grate leaving a gap. It was recommended that I get clean out with a high pressure water system to remove residue on my main pipes, promising that they would be so clean that it would look smooth as granite. Not true. That did not remove the oder. They were called back and the service tech actually, physically went under my house and found a length of pipe that leaked AND 4 rats. Two were very dead and two were still in the dying phase. The last two arrived because their first technician did not close the vent properly. So they repaired the pipe and removed the rats. The smell, finally was gone...for a while. The real issue is they say they will return your call, stop for a follow-up or that a certain technician will do the task and all these items do not happen. I'm waiting now for my 8:30 (to 10:30, but assured it would be 8:30) appointment typing this at 11:30 and hearing for the last hour the technician is one mile from my house. Yeah, right! Don't believe them!!! I've had more frustration with the kind of business procedures they practice and the service is just so-so and costly. Buyer beware!!