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Boynton Beach, FL


Long and Complicated. Ultimately Sufficient.

My work with iHummingbird was dissatisfying. I hired them to install two cameras, outside, and I was not pleased with the experience. Ultimately, the work has all been done, and it looks fine, but it was a long and woefully underprepared process. It was more expensive than it should have been, and I do think that if I hadn't refused to pay it all up front, as they asked, they probably wouldn't have finished the job at all. Indeed, they called me back, after the first visit, only to ask why I hadn't paid the full amount, yet. I told them the work wasn't finished and they came back, but it was ten days after the job'd been started, and I wasn't impressed with their attitude, overall. Now that I'm on the other side of the experience, I'd probably recommend them cautiously. I wouldn't pay them the entire amount, up front, and I would be very clear with them about the work that you need to be done, and I think they could do it well, but it was a complicated experience for me.