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We Specialize in Replacement Vinyl Windows and Doors, energy-efficient furnace installations, heat pumps, draft proofing and thermostats. Lifetime Warranty.


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Langley, BC

House Smart Home Improvements

I Love House Smart!

Just wanted to tell you how MUCH i am enjoying my new windows! I was hoping
for a more evenly-heated house, and I certainly got it!!!! The windows keep
my house at a steady temperature, and they also provide more insulation from
outside noise. I was told I'd be surprised at how much quieter my house
would be, and I am. But one very unexpected thing also happened -- I
noticed that my allergies were much improved, and I couldn't figure it out.
I'd done nothing different except get new windows. I finally mentioned it
to my Mom, and she suggested I'd maybe had mould. Well, absolutely!!!!
Especially in the upstairs bathroom window! All my windows are so fresh and
clean, and there is NO MOULD, seen or unseen, at all, so there is only my
cats for me to have a reaction to. If I could only get rid of my cats, I'd
probably be allergy-free -- but I love my cats; I didn't love my mould!!!!

I was also so pleased with how the installation went! All done in less than
a day -- it was great! So thank you for your help in my decision-making;
I'm happy I made the right choices!!!