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At Windows on Washington, we provide our customers with quality products and expert workmanship to improve the comfort, beauty and energy efficiency of their homes.
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Vienna, VA

Windows On Washington

We had a mix of Okna 800 series, 500 series, and Softlite replacement windows installed in 21 bays in our home that replaced the original 40 year old single pane wooden windows. Windows on Washington did a great job!

Description Of Work:
We had a mix of Okna 800 series, 500 series, and Softlite replacement windows installed in 21 bays in our home that replaced the original 40 year old single pane wooden windows. Joe and his installation crew removed our existing storm windows/screens, asked us for customer input when we had choices/minor challenges to overcome and kept us informed throughout the process, and for a very reasonable price also repaired sagging and damaged sills in the house--taking the time to level each to a near-new look. Debris was removed. Other members of Windows on Washington's team Brandon and Eric, also helped us resolve a couple questions we had post installation, gave advice on how to overcome a small carpentry issue (related to windows but certainly not a service provided by Windows on Washington), and overall were very helpful. By way of background, we got quotes from about 5 different companies, attended the local home shows to learn more about products, and really tried to do our homework before making this large purchase. Several other companies in the end could not 1) be on time for an appointment to draw up an estimate, 2) were simply trying to sell us whatever product they had leftover in stock from late-2010, 3) would not provide us with the technical data of the windows we were purchasing (one leading competitor told us to go to the manufacturer's website for that data while we were standing in their showroom), 4) in the end could not even provide an estimate with the correct number of replacement windows. Windows on Washington did everything perfectly the first time.

Member Comments:
Without question, Windows on Washington has been the most impressive, reliable, affordable, and customer-service oriented company we have worked with during the many home renovation projects we have had during the last several years. The owners, staff, and installation crew worked seamlessly to make sure we were happy from the first moment we entered their showroom to even weeks after the work was done when one owner Eric reminded us via email about Virginia's energy tax credit--while at the same time proactively sending me the forms to fill it out with their portions/information already completed (this amounted to a $500 credit when it was all said and done). We could not have been more happy with Brandon, our salesperson, who provided us with detailed cost estimates which were easy to read and comprehend (and that he modified several times to meet our changing preferences) and who worked with us on some minor questions/issues post installation, none of which, were Windows on Washington's fault. We were also thoroughly impressed with the installation crew who were just about the most hardworking and thorough installers we had ever seen--their work is beyond excellent. Lastly, we like their product--the Okna windows series. We think Okna makes one of the best windows on the market--both in look, feel, ascetics, and their technical data cannot be matched.