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We are a family owned and operated plumbing and heating service company that has been serving Seattle WA for over 30 years.


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Seattle, WA

Gene Johnson Plumbing & Heating

The plumbing looks great, there are no leaks, and the water pressure is wonderful.

The bid was probably at the higher end of the bids that we took, but it was a little more thorough than the others. Also, the office at Gene Johnson was the only office to call me in advance of the person who was going to come out and give me the bid to tell me that he was going to be a little late. Turns out he was just in traffic, and wasn't all that late after all, but no other office called. It was a really pleasant and really nice conversation at the outset. The same is true with the first payment I made. They had a little trouble with it, and I was prepared to drop off the check myself, but they had someone in the area that they sent over to pick it up from me, which made it super easy.

The plumber who did the job, Kyle, showed on the early end of on time, and that was every day of the job. He talked me through what he did the previous days, asked me questions about how things were going, and told me about any little hiccups on the job. He always explained everything and helped me through it, and I felt like he did a great job with service.

The plumbing looks great. There are no leaks, and the water pressure is wonderful. So far, so good!

Another reason I went with Gene Johnson, aside form the general service I got at the outset, is the quality of the work suggested in the bid. The quality was higher than others, and it included suggestions like running the main in to the house, which was a little more expensive, but made so much more sense and was a lot less obtrusive than the other suggestions, some that included tearing many holes in my driveway. Dennis, the guy who gave me the bid, also suggested a water heater set, which was a good idea and much different that what other people suggested. I really thought it was nice that he remained in touch with me through Kyle throughout the process.

What ultimately made me go with Gene Johnson was actually talking to another plumber. He was giving us a bid, and over the course he told me a story about an interaction he had had with Gene Johnson Plumbing. His bid came in under them, and he was definitely a top consideration, but his story made me feel so good about Gene Johnson that I had to go with them. That, with everything else, made everything work out real well when dealing with Gene Johnson. Plumbing is expensive, but it will be there a long time, so if the service is not there it can be awful, but that's what Gene Johnson excels in.