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Sacramento, CA

Airsmiths Home Performance

I was happy with the company until the last visit.

Airsmiths Home Performance has been providing me with excellent service until their last visit. I have an air conditioning unit that has not been working properly for the past couple of years due to it being old. Over the past two Summers, I have had to call them to send out a technician several times to get the thing working again. Last year the technician explained to me that it was best to just let the air conditioning unit run all day long. That never seemed to help. When it becomes overheated after running for so long it just stops blowing air altogether. They wound up charging me about one hundred fifty dollars for each visit and nothing ever gets fixed! I wish they were honest with me and just told me, "Hey, look! Your unit is too old and it needs to be replaced", but they never do say that. I mean, what will they do--keep fixing it for the next ten years and not tell me they cannot fix it? The other technician explained that the thermostat was not turned down low enough. So we turned it down and it still continued to happen. After running all day long it stops blowing air. I do not want to be too critical of Airsmiths Home Performance because I felt they had provided me with good service prior to all of this. I had a different company put in a new air conditioning unit for me upstairs and it has been running just great. To be honest, I was not present when they came out. I had someone sitting our dog who was with them this last time. I feel that I could not recommend them at this point and not sure if I will or will not use them going forward. I do wish that the company would provide me with a bid on a new air conditioning unit and I will consider replacing the old one. I just need them to be honest with me.