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Jacksonville, FL

First Coast Chem-Dry

Quantity over quality.

We had First Coast Chem-Dry come out to take care of some pet stains and normal wear and tear stains in our rental property before we moved out. They came out and saw the stains and gave their opinion on what they believed I should do. They pretty much guaranteed me that the stains would come up, and even insisted after the initial treatment was over, they insisted that the stains were all gone. I walked through the home with the guy and he insisted that the stains were, in fact, up, but when the carpet dried, they were still there. He quickly got out of there- he wasn't sticking around to discuss why the stains were still there. He was long gone before the carpet even dried.

I felt like he knew that the stains weren't coming up. It bothered me, because I felt like they were trying to upsell me, saying "Well, we could get all the stains up if you spend and extra $120 on the Deluxe Cleaning Package," rather than just going out and doing an honest day's work and getting the stains up. The cleaner was here for about 30 minutes and then he was on to the next guy who would give him $100. It wasn't about quality.

About 50% of the stains came up, and 50% did not. They guaranteed they would get all the stains up and they did not. Our landlord who was renting the house to us spent another $100-$200 to get another company to come out and get the stains up. We had to show her our receipt to prove we had even had a carpet cleaning company come out at all. I decided not to call Chem-Dry to complain because it's not my house, and we did what we had to do to move out. The real test will be the person who does spend the extra $120 for the Deluxe package, if they are satisfied with the service.


After reviewing your work order and discussing this job with the technician it might be important to include some additional information. The carpet you described as normal wear and tear was actually carpet that needed to be replaced…not cleaned. It had rips,tears plus you ahd two large dogs that were not fully trained. The notes on the WO and you received indicated the high traffic areas plus you declined the Pet Urine treatment for the odor and stains that WOULD have guaranteed 100% the removal. You noted it was a rental and that you didn't want to do any more than you had to do or spend any money on a carpet that was not yours. We can only offer solutions and treatments to our customers but in the end it is our customers who decide what course to take. It wasn't about up-selling you as it was about offering workable solutions to the problems your dogs caused…not us. We are sorry the carpet did not turn out like you had hoped for. But, as professional cleaners we can only do so much magic on carpets that have been abused or neglected.

First Coast Chem-Dry commented on 12/02/2015