The Back Pain Center

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The Back Pain Center LLC is a multi-professional team of Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists specializing in the treatment of low back pain and sciatica.


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Allendale, NJ

The Back Pain Center

How did I end up going to THE BACK PAIN CENTER in Waldwick New Jersey?

How did I end up going to THE BACK PAIN CENTER in Waldwick New Jersey? In the past, we felt we had to choose a famous institution in New York City. Things had changed drastically. My beloved husband had died unexpectedly in a well-known medical center. The news of his death and my grief jolted my body, in an uncontrollable fall, on head, shoulder and spine. I was totally incapacitated. I could not get up. I could not walk. The pain was excruciating. I wanted to die. My daughter-in-law wanted to take me to Valley Hospital. I resisted. She then recommended The Back Pain Center in Waldwick. She herself and their three children had been treated there successfully. Pain made me give in. The vibes in the center were very positive. I felt calm. Dr. Gigante, Chiropractic Physician and Managing Director, explained the various treatment categories and training requirements to meet the individual needs of the patients.

Dr. Gigante is an effective "hands-ON-doctor," the way doctors used to be: "walking the talk" and closely interacting with the therapists. I felt I was in good hands. It took a year of intensive work to move and position my body the right way, and eventually walk again, without loosing balance. Dr. Gigante always thinks about improvements and new technology. I will talk about some of these in my next assessment. The center exudes professionalism, high quality, cheerfulness and safety.