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We offer a 3 year 50,000 mile warranty on all non-commercial, rebuilt transmissions. Now that is pride and confidence in a job! We stand behind all transmissions.


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Transmission Sales & Service


Hated it isn't strong enough language for my experience(s) with Transmission Sales & Service. I hired TSS to change the differential, replace my AWD collar gear, and install new transaxle bearings and seals in my Volvo. They told me no big deal, 2-4 days, $1200. I said great and dropped the car off on a Monday morning. Wednesday rolls around and no word from TSS, so I call. I was told that the seal kit was wrong and they were waiting on a parts order. My car was in pieces and they had stopped work. The parts still hadn't arrived by Monday, but it wouldn't have mattered. TSS found a small crack in the lower housing of my transfer case that had been filled with sealant. I told them I wasn't worried about it and that I just wanted it resealed. Parts came in Tuesday (day 8 of 2-4 days), but by Wednesday (day 9) the car still wasn't ready. THEY HAD STOPPED ALL WORK. They wanted me to sign a document stating that there would be no warranty whatsoever for any repairs they made. I didn't have a choice- the car was in pieces and I had to sign it or get stuck with with a disassembled car and a bill for 8 hours of labor. I signed it Wednesday at closing. They stopped work AGAIN halfway through Thursday (day 10) because my epoxied shift cable "wasn't strong enough," and that the tech refused to put it back on the car. Changing to a new cable is an additional 4 hours of labor plus whatever crazy markup they felt like putting on the part. I went and got the part myself ($126, not $500 BTW) and had their courtesy van deliver it back to the shop. They had the brand new OEM Volvo part by Friday (day 11) at noon, but didn't work on the car until the following Monday (day 14 without a car!). When I finally got the car back later that week, I thought that was the end of my dealings with TSS. Boy was I wrong. Less than three weeks after getting the car back (Tuesday, August 12), the shift cable breaks at a busy intersection, leaving me stranded for more than three hours. When I finally got a tow truck, I took the car to my non-transmission shop (ArtWorks- they're amazing) and they told me that my cable had been broken and sloppily glued back together. There were even globs of glue on the intermediate lever and transmission housing. This is where it starts to get "fun." I called TSS and told them what happened and the service manager apologized and said he'd take care of it, but that I had to bring the car BACK. I got it back to them on Thursday the 14th. It was a big mistake. Even though I gave them the actual part number, they ordered the wrong shift cable, which cost me another weekend without a car. The correct part showed up on Tuesday, August 26th, and they installed the part Wednesday, the 27th. That's today. I picked the car up at closing time and didn't even make it halfway home before the "new" shift cable broke. No one answered the phone five minutes after I left when I was stranded right up the street. TSS is a lying, cheating, stealing auto repair company and you should avoid it like the plague. They are scammers. Don't believe the five star ratings.