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Alta Mere is Americas largest high-tech automotive accessories and window tinting specialist.



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Mustang, OK

Alta Mere - The Automotive Outfitters

after care with issue - exercise in belittlement - poor customer care

They did a great job when they sold everything to me BUT when you come back with an issue - like the car dying in the middle of the road and this started after you had remote start and keyless entry installed - you are told that they never make a mistake and there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO. Hey just looking at the car and eliminating the install is a GREAT HELP!! AND YES PEOPLE DO LOOK AT THE LAST THING DONE TO THE CAR FOR ISSUES TO ELIMINATE PROBLEMS!! Greg at front desk - who sells the items but does not install the items - was very rude. And was told that I needed to make an appointment to get the car check - REALLY!! FOR A SAFTEY ISSUE!!! AND CARS ARE RUNNING UP BEHIND ME WHEN THE CAR DIES!! And the attitude was that is couldn't possiblly be there problem - always another issue. I cannot recommend them at this point due to very poor after customer care.


Ladonna, I would first like to apologize if I came across rude. That was never my intention, but when I tell someone several times that the product we installed in their car does not have the capability of causing the problem they are describing and they continue to not believe me, then at some point I guess I start to get upset. Again I apologize for that. You forgot to mention in your complaint that we did pull your car in as soon as you got here (without an appointment), and did not find any problems, and had you back on the road in 30 minutes. I am sorry that you are upset, but your problem is not with the product you purchased from us, and I hope you do find out what is causing the car to die.

Alta Mere - The Automotive Outfitters commented on 09/02/2011