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Alta Mere is Americas largest high-tech automotive accessories and window tinting specialist.



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Oklahoma City, OK

Alta Mere - The Automotive Outfitters

Owner acts like a 4 year old !!! Do not use these people.

Was treated like gold when i was initially getting work done. When there was a large bubble in the tint and lint in the tint on two seperate windows the owner Greg, acted like that was normal. I had to basicly sit there and wait for him to stop acting like a 4 year old to speak. He tried everything in the book not to honor is customer service guarantee. I understand it's not an exact science, but when there is a pinkie finger nail sized bubble on the driver's window that is not accetable. He finally replaced the driver's window and the small window in back. Driver's side looks better but has a obvious place where the installer scratched the tint with application tool. The back window it seems i traded lint in the middle of the window for lint on the edge of the window. In short i will never ever even think of using or recommending this business. Do not use Alta Mere at all. The Owner has clearly been in business too long and needs to hire a real manger to handle the customers.


We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with our services. When you left our store, we were under the impression that we had resolved the issues with your window tint. We strive to create the most professional experience in the area, and of the over 2500 cars we do each year, less than 2 percent come back with problems or complaints. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the window tinting process, a "perfect" job is subjective. Airborne contaminants make "perfection" nearly unattainable. Industry standard is to judge the work from approximately 3 feet away. We would be happy to revisit this with you if you would like to come back in.

Alta Mere - The Automotive Outfitters commented on 03/20/2012