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Alta Mere is Americas largest high-tech automotive accessories and window tinting specialist.



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Alta Mere - The Automotive Outfitters

Repeat customer with questionable last visit

Two things occurred on my visit:
1) there was a dash gouge on my glove box door after my visit. I don't have proof but I'm 100 certain it was done during my tint job. When I called to talk with Greg about it, his first response before even listening was "we didn't do it". This did not give me encouragement in Greg's desire to resolve a potentially negative customer issue.
2) on the day of my tint job, the $120 chrome exhaust tip was stolen off my vehicle. It was there at 7 am and not there at 3pm. I thought it may have fallen off but there were melted glove marks on the exhaust that weren't there just two days prior. It happened at 1 of 3 places that day: a) stolen by a coworker while inside our fenced parking lot, while it was raining and the vehicle was in the the busiest part of the lot, or b) stolen while inside the dry tint shop for an hour , or c) stolen when I made a 15 minute autozone stop (still raining outside). The tint shop is suspect even though I have zero proof but have narrowed the possibilities quite a bit.

Couple all of this with a tint job on my LAST car that was not the quality of workmanship I've seen in the past from them and on THIS job I had to have them come out after to smooth wrinkles they had missed. I will shopping for a new tint shop on the next car I need done.


I am Sorry John that you are still unhappy with us, I really thought you were going to return to the store so we could discuss this in person, but since you didn't I will explain it now. According to our video surveillance, your vehicle was in our install bay for 32.3 minutes. During that time, it showed no one was near your glovebox or center console. As I tried to explain to you on the phone, all of our tint is computer cut, and there is no sharp objects anywhere near your interior or exterior. As far as the chrome exhaust tip, again, video shows no one here removed it. It's to bad you would not come back so I could show you this before you accused us of these issues. I also had a name of a person I was going to give you that could fix the "gouge" you spoke of very inexpensively. We would still love to have you as a customer in the future, and look forward to seeing you. Thanks - Greg

Alta Mere - The Automotive Outfitters commented on 02/17/2012