Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.

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Provides credit counseling, financial education and debt management programs for consumers seeking to consolidate credit card debt and other bills.


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Salem, OR

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.

Very disappointed!! Approach with caution.

Their customer service is lacking and at times bordering on rude. The standard answer to their question is "That's not our problem." Customer service is very helpful and will bend over backwards to help you until you are a customer and then a different story.

Also be cautious when starting. What they do not tell you can destroy your credit and cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars. Consolidated Credit will work up a payment plan then start taking money out of your account for those payments. They will then start negotiating with creditors, while they are taking and holding on to your money. This negotiation could take several months. During this period of time, even though they are taking and holding your money, you are expected to continue to make payments on your accounts. Instead of negotiate with your creditors and then start taking your money. They do it the other way around.

They don't tell you this up front. I was even told by one customer service agent when I started that they will now start making the payments on my behalf. After a month goes by I get letters from creditors regarding past due notices. Now I'm faced with larger than normal payments because of the past dues, late fees, not to mention an enormous hit on my credit rating for all the late payments. I just had a conversation with a customer service representative who kept stating over and over "That's not our problem" when I asked if there was any way to fix this with the creditors. I also found out, nearly two months into this, they are still negotiating with creditors and continuing to take my money without any payments to creditors being made.

Very frustrated and disappointed. I am now financially in a much worse place than I was before I started working with Consolidated Credit. Not to mention my credit rating has plummeted. Thanks for everything Consolidated Credit.