Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.

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Provides credit counseling, financial education and debt management programs for consumers seeking to consolidate credit card debt and other bills.


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New Bern, NC

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.

credit card debt from starting over at 50

I started my story of credit cared Debt back in 2006, when I chose to leave a very violent marriage partner. leaving from a life of financial security and making the choice to basically start over at 50 was a hard choice to make , but with out making this choice I would have never learned of this company and how they could help me..
Starting over is hard, with leaving a job, and $$, but I knew that if I could get credit set up in my name I could make a good try at it.
Credit cards came easy. and the freedom to use plastic to get my car fixed (major) gas for finding a place to start over, had to eat, and fixing up a new place to live.
I took full advantage of the ease was to just use plastic and seemed to keep up with paying off each month until the time came when my car needed major work. could not afford to buy a car so used the credit card to pay for repairs to keep it on the road.
Charges started to get ahead of me, then it was time to see if I could get another credit card. Yes there was another one with Money on it for me.
Now it was beginning to sink in, not only was I using the cards a lot but INTEREST was being put on. I was beginning to go down with the boat (I was swamped) with feelings of despair and wanting a way OUT.
There was Consolidated to my rescue, It was not going to be easy NOT using the cards anymore. I would have to learn discipline and live within a budget. At first I was finding I wished I did not sign with Consolidated, but the though of owing all this money to creditors was hard on me. I decided to just let them take out the payment every month and let it go.
I am hear 5 YEARS as a success story, I have (two of 3 creditors) paid off and one more payment to payoff the third and them I am DONE. What have a learned.
Its tough to start over one's life at 50, plastic is too east to use regarding finances now days, every person with credit cards needs to understand the responsibility that comes with them, the feeling of DEBT does a lot to cut into one's self esteem.
BUT IM HERE TO TELL YOU THERE IS A WAY OUT, BUT BE CAREFUL WHEN SOMEONE OFFERS YOU DEBT SETTLEMENT (CUTTING DOWN THE AMOUNT YOU OWE). The monies that are relief to your amount do not just disappear they turn into income and you pay taxes on that money at the end of the year. Debt consolidation is the way to go not settlement. Good luck to everyone out there who is in the cesspool of debt. But remember they are ways out and mine was CONSOLIDATED CREDIT COUNSELING.... They can be yours too.