Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.

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Provides credit counseling, financial education and debt management programs for consumers seeking to consolidate credit card debt and other bills.


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Pacifica, CA

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, Inc.

Consumer Credit Counciling is phony

When my husband and I found out we were pregant, we agreed to get help on our dept. When I contacted Consumer Credit Counciling the gentlemen who helped me seemed very nice. When I started to give him our information they automatically turned down a student loan, claiming that it was a goverment loan.... at one time it was but the loan had been paid out from a non goverment company.... CCC did not even try to contact them. Which I later found out that they could have included it in our consolidation. Then we had two credit card depts. Those the excepted it seemed all good and dandy until I found out the CCC did not try at all to lower any fees out interests like they claimed. all they did was pay the minimum amount to the credit cards and we were still getting nowhere near a lower balance on them. And on one of them they even went past the due date so we had late fees and more interest. When I called CCC on this they said they would contact the credit card company. I checked with the CC company and nobody contacted them at all. But, one thing CCC was great at and on time was taking their $40 fee every month. I guess I was fooled in believing that they could help us. So I cancelled them, saved myself $40 bucks a month and made my own payments on time. No, I do not encourage anyone to their phony scam.