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Booher Family Chiropractic

Booher Family Chiropractic offers solutions for wellness

I began seeing Dr. Alisha Booher at Booher Family Chiropractic in July 2009, after a fall. I had fallen on some steps and injured my lower back on the right side. There was a lot of bruising and it was difficult to move without a lot of pain. After trying self-treatment, as well as visiting my family doctor for prescription muscle relaxers and pain meds, I finally listened to my mother and made an appointment at BFC.

Dr. Booher used various methods in my treatment, including manual adjustment, Electro-Muscle Stimulation, and physical therapy (including daily exercise at home). It took several weeks before I could start moving normally again, but there was noticeable improvement with each visit. Months later, I very rarely have any pain in my back, and continue to visit BFC on an as needed basis -- though I would visit weekly if I could fit it in!

Besides relieving my initial back problem, Dr. Booher also helped me find the proper lumbar support pillow to use at work (where I sit all day). She also gave me a small lift for my shoe, which help make up for my uneven hips, which helped my back. I've also had some relief from migraines. Dr. Booher is great at explaining how different conditions can be caused by joints being out of line, etc., and you can tell she really enjoys her work.

Dr. Booher's staff is also great to work with. They are often very busy, but always take the time to be helpful, friendly and empathic. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for either relief from pain, or simply want to maintain their health. Chiropractic care can be a great alternative to traditional treatments or pills, and Booher Family Chiropractic offers solutions for wellness.