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Houle's Plumbing has been serving Greater Waterville area for over 67 yrs now. Company itself speaks alot, with talented technicians and huge expertise in many it ma


plumbers & sewer repair


2 Stars

Waterville, ME


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The guy kept changing his prices. I just received an adjusted bill in the mail months after project was paid in full supposedly due to an calculation error on the technician's part. I was going to have them install a new furnace, but the guy kept increasing the... Read More

5 Stars

Arizona, AL


Excellent service. People at Houle's are skilled and courteous. Thanks to Houle's for giving us excellent service. Cheers.

To keep in simple words lets just say I have not come across such talented professional people in field of plumbing. Truly amazing service, great knowledge and expertise makes them different from the rest. Highly recommended to others. People if you are looking for... Read More