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Founded in 1946, we're a leading swimming pool builder specializing in in-ground pools, renovations & supplies in Freehold, Englishtown, Marlboro, Rumson & beyond.


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Holmdel, NJ

Anthony & Sylvan Pools

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Before moving here, we lived in the city. We had a small apartment, 82-square-foot in size so having a pool was never an option. There wasn't enough room to drop a pool in there. Before we signed, we saw the spot in the backyard and asked the previous owners if we could come and get things measured out right away. I grew up, I had a pool. My wife was on the swim team in high school. So once we had the opportunity before we actually acquired the property, we were in discussion with Anthony & Sylvan to get our research and find out which pool company is the best one. We spoke with somebody from Anthony & Sylvan and we arrived at a conclusion. And we then got things started with Anthony & Sylvan.

The biggest compliment I could share about the schedulers is that I barely remember too much because it went smoothly. They did their job. They shared with me when the next thing was going to be done. They communicated and did their job real well. There was a patch of grass before the pool came in. Guys with chainsaws came to remove a couple of trees. Then the guy with a big earth-moving excavator came and dug a huge hole in the ground. All that stuff with the rebar, the granite, and the concrete and the spa, all that stuff got done.

I think the biggest thing -- and it's not necessarily an issue -- is if you're bringing earth-moving and excavating equipment onto your property, there's going to be ancillary damage that occurs to your property 100% of the time. There's no getting around it. It's one of those things. What I love about Anthony & Sylvan, they did the right thing and they set a proper expectation upfront. It would have been frustrating had they shared, ""Oh, we're not gonna do any other ancillary damage, or it's gonna be very minimal.""

So they did the right thing right up front. I specifically said, ""the sprinkler head is over here and over here and over here. If you could just be careful,"" and right when I started talking about that, the project manager grabbed me by the shoulders, gave me a little shake, and said, ""we are going to do some damage to your property and you need to wrap your head around it now."" That kind of put me in the right lines then. It's not exciting news, but at the same time, it saves a lot of frustration later when the damage did occur. The thing I appreciated the most about Anthony & Sylvan is they did a great job upfront of setting the right expectation, and for, that I was most appreciative about because then, the rest of the process went great.

So we did not have a pool at all before and now we have a beautiful 33,000-gallon great pool that's heated, with saltwater that has a huge Jacuzzi-type tub. The whole bit is awesome and big and I couldn't be happier. I live in New Jersey and it's going to be November soon and I can't wait to get into an 87-degree water. In the morning, it was 32 degrees and there was smoke coming off the hot water in my pool and I probably needed that one. I'm disappointed that I'm not going to be able to do it all-year-round. I love being in the pool.

And there were bumps along the way, but you can't get through a project like this without there being any glitches. That's kind of how you can rate the true merit of a company, if they handled those glitches the right way and they really did. They did a great job and I would certainly recommend Anthony & Sylvan anytime for sure.