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Founded in 1946, we're a leading swimming pool builder specializing in in-ground pools, renovations & supplies in Freehold, Englishtown, Marlboro, Rumson & beyond.


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West Creek, NJ

Anthony & Sylvan Pools

Non-Pushy Sales and I Love Everything About the Pool

I wanted a fiberglass pool and I couldn't find it. And then the next thing was who is going to install it. I wasn't comfortable with how it's going to be installed so I called Anthony & Sylvan. I wanted to hear about their fiberglass pool. When the salesman came he told me to think about a concrete pool. I said no since it's too expensive. He said they mostly do concrete pools and not so much fiberglass because they have to port them and carry a lot and it's probably going to be more expensive for that. He opened his book, showed me some pools and started talking about them. I started getting excited. When he told me the price then I got depressed. It was too expensive and then I got happy because I decided I didn't really need all those things. The salesman didn't push me nor try to sell the pool. He just showed me what it would be like to have the pool and that's why I bought the Anthony & Sylvan concrete pool or concrete plaster.

Our pool is a free form pool. It's 15,000 gallons with a sun shelf. It has a bench around the side and on the deep end which isn't deep. I only want a 5-foot and that was another drawback with the fiberglass pool. It had to be deep on one end. They told me it's 3.5 to 5 feet and in the 5-foot end there is 1 feet on one side and another feet on the other side. And then I have an umbrella stand, an umbrella hole on the sun shelf. Many people love the sun shelf. I put chairs on there and stuck the umbrella in the hole. So it's concrete except for one and then they came and plastered it and filled it with water. We got the cobalt colored courts inside with the plaster instead of just being plaster, so it's a mixture. It makes it harder.

I love everything about the pool, but it's really strange because we have cool decking which is non-slip and it doesn't get hot and the texture in the pool is nice on the seat and it's not slipping, but when one gets to the coping, and I found this with the kids that are running to the end of the pool and then jumping in like cannonball, the coping is extremely slippery when it gets wet plus the kids sit on it because it's really hot in the sun. But, I like it anyway. I don't run and jump in the pool. I just wish the coping was non-slip and it would have been perfect. I love the sun shelf.and the umbrella holder. I like the seats on the side and the bench that's attached to the sun shelf. I also love the simple tile that I picked.

They were very good about coming out and fixing an issue. They do come back and take care of things. All in all working with them is good. The schedule they said they were coming, they came. They also kept me up to date. They said they would protect my windows and they brought stuff to protect the windows, but they didn't bring the stuff that my husband felt was enough to protect my windows when they'll be shooting all the concrete. I have plastic windows and so we just covered the house with plastic on the one side. But if I had to do it again and I knew about this and I had the time, it would be absolutely perfect. It was 100 degrees here yesterday and the water was 2 degrees, no heater, but it was nice sitting in the sun shelves, swimming in the pool. It was wonderful. I'm enjoying everything about my pool. I have more company and my grand kids are always here. I love it. It's nice.