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For over 70 years, Anthony & Sylvan has been an industry leading swimming pool builder offering quality pool construction across the USA.


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We lived in Dallas, Head Island and we lived on the canal. I'm a school teacher and we were making a change to move from the island to the country, and we wanted to still have a water lifestyle. So when we moved to the neighborhood, we knew that we wanted to put in a pool and maintain that water lifestyle. A neighbor and co-worker recommended Anthony & Sylvan to us. They specifically recommended Ron, the designer-agent that we went through. I attempted to contact and made appointments with several different companies. I only got really responses from two and the experiences were not very positive. I really felt I was being bullied and pushed into what they thought I wanted.

And when Ron came out, it was probably a 4-hour meeting with him. And he designed the pool onsite and went through all of our options. When we were finished, he left and then emailed us the design, prices and everything else. We were still a little bit out of our budget and he was able to make some changes that brought it to within our budget. We're just really, really happy with how well he worked with us.

We have a free form pool. We have a slightly larger swim ledge. It has the fountains on the swim ledge and a swim-out deck in the deep end. It's a wide shallow end, narrow deep end pool. My daughter is 9 and with the design that we have, we don't have to sit there and watch her because she can pretty much stand everywhere in the pool except for one little 3-foot area where she's on her tippy toes bouncing. It's a babysitter for us. We're school teachers so we're off all summer. She gets up in the morning, puts her bathing suit on, and is in and out of that pool all day long. Some people put in a pool and within a month or so, it loses its luster. For her, it's like her best friend. She's always got somebody to play with.

I like the finish which Ron recommended. Anthony & Sylvan is the only company that uses that finish. It's not a trademark like Temple Tech. We wanted a real bright finish because we wanted it real white bright because we wanted more of the Caribbean look to it than the darker looks, which to me makes pools look like farm ponds. It makes them look dark and green, instead of bright and pretty blue. And so with the bright whiteness of the Diamond Tech, that's what it's called, that with the tile that we picked for the splash area, it's just an awesome pool. It looks real pretty and it's always got that real crisp Caribbean light blue to it. We went with a chlorine pool and for me, the maintenance is nothing. Every now and then, I put in a cup of chlorine tabs and dump some acid in to keep the PH right, and the cleaner that came with it keeps it spotless. It's very, very easy to maintain.

The pools crew was awesome. Amanda was the lady who did our scheduling out of Houston. She was fantastic. She'd always call to make sure that we were gonna be able to be there for appointments. We actually had two different project managers and things went so fairly seamless that we didn't really need to see them and we didn't really see them. I had some questions at one point in time. I called them up. He was right on the job. He called me right back and answered my questions. It's just a very professional, very seamless company to deal with.

The most enjoying about having a pool is the family atmosphere that we have. We have night time family swims all summer long and it's after dinner. We're all in the pool, swimming around and playing together. You get up in the morning and go for a little swim. We have more family time oriented things because the pool's right there. It's the best investment I've ever made. Guaranteed.