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For over 70 years, Anthony & Sylvan has been an industry leading swimming pool builder offering quality pool construction across the USA.


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Free-form Pool With Spa

Anthony & Sylvan have an office that's by our home and had done pools for two other people that I know, and they had good results so I went with them. They were the only ones that actually showed up and gave me a bid out of the three people that I called. The other two guys didn't show up. So we got a free-form pool with spa. The spa is 8 feet in diameter. We enlarged that and it's raised up. It has a water feature on the back end of it. It goes from 3 foot to 7 ft. We like the color combinations, style, coping, table and cool light. There's a table in it with chairs around it so it's pretty cool.

We had really good weather so they stayed ahead of the timeframe that they quoted me. We kind of ran into normal time crunch about Christmas time because their workers go back to Mexico. But they were pretty straightforward. I guess the only downside that I didn't care for was they weren't real clear on what they were gonna do, like when they put things and the yard back together. If they damage anything in the ground it was not included and I had to fix the sprinkler system. Luckily the gates were bigger so they didn't have to take the gate down. But had they had to do all that it would have been additional. But other than that they were pretty Johnny-on-the-spot.

But I think there are some things that they should do to improve. It's kind of like when you buy a car. I'm 42 years old so by the time you buy a car when you're 42, you probably already purchased two to three cars. You know what you're looking for and you've had that experience before. Typically people buy pools once or twice in a lifetime. So the first time you really don't know what you want and what you don't want. And they should give you more options like the automatic fill line, maybe put an additional skimmer in there or give me additional options for the type of cleaner that would go in the pool. Educate the buyer more instead of just going ""Okay, this is what we do."" Cause the salesperson has been doing it a long time and he just ran in and it was cookie cutter. I mean the pool is pretty and I like it but there's a couple things I would have done a little different had I been more informed.