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For over 70 years, Anthony & Sylvan has been an industry leading swimming pool builder offering quality pool construction across the USA.


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Kyle, TX

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I wanted a pool my whole life. When I did a Google search for pool builders, I came upon Anthony & Sylvan. They also interviewed somebody who recommended them to me. And aside from name recognition, I chose them because of their price. I got a free-form pool that has a spa and it's raised a little. It's got a water wall and sun shelf, and is about 17,000 gallons. I like the spa a lot and I like being in the water. Plus, it's warm down here in Texas, so it's great to cool off and I'm in the pool five days a week. Anthony & Sylvan's reps were really good and I was happy with the project manager overall. The scheduling was very good, too. It seemed like there were some delays that were unnecessary, but I understand that happens during construction.

Other than that, I wasn't real pleased with how a couple things turned out. I felt I was fought against doing things I knew I wanted and I should've pushed a little harder. I pushed on some of them and I got them, but some other things, I really regret not pushing harder. For instance, the sun shelf should've been deeper. We don't ever use it, so I've got a huge area of the the pool that we never even sit on. The guy was telling me that I couldn't have it deeper because of the code and we have to have a certain step. However, we could have added a step around the edge and still have the sun shelf deeper. But he said that we wouldn't wanna be in it, we'd put our chairs in, and we'd stay out of the water. But I don't wanna be out of the water. If I'm out of the water, I'll be out of it. So, things like that were a little aggravating, especially now, looking back on it, it would've been so easy and it could've been so much more useful. But it's our first pool, so live and learn.