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For over 70 years, Anthony & Sylvan has been an industry leading swimming pool builder offering quality pool construction across the USA.


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We had built a new home three years ago and considered having a pool shortly after we built it. We backed out and then we just started talking about it again and went shopping. I had gone online doing some research because I was working at less expensive alternatives. Anthony & Sylvan were one of the companies that would advertise to do the in the ground type shell pool and I wanted to get information on that. Turned out that they didn't really do that in Texas so I ended up talking to a salesperson and letting them come out and give me a bid on a full- length ground pool, which is what we really wanted. I had a great experience with Hannah and I thought that she really listened to me. We got to design more and paid more attention to details of what I was looking for. Price is within the budget that we were comfortable with so we decided to go forward.

The pool is free form. We worked to design to make it fit our landscape because we're in the country so it's kind of a special look. But what I really like about it is one of those little sun shelves. Those are the little shallow parts that you step into. Then with the design, we extended a little sitting bench on the side of it because we have young grandchildren and we're older. We weren't looking for a lap pool, we just want to get in there and get refreshed. So to be able to just kind of sit in there on the bench, it just fits our lifestyle. If it's really sunshiny and warm, I go out there with a book, sit by the pool, relax and breathe. I just love the aesthetics of it.

I gave them some harsher feedback on the scheduling though. I had to qualify that we don't live within the metropolitan area. Everything works a little different. Our scheduling was falling where the crew would show up on Saturday morning. They put out their schedule on Friday night so that did not work well for me. I gave them feedback on that because it's a fairly automated system and it's fine. So we woke up on Saturday morning because we got a crew out there at 6 AM and they were just there without the notification. It really was more automated that they did and it just happened that way. The day that they started ours and the way it's scheduled out so that was kind of a glitch. But they took the feedback really well and they understood what I was talking about so they were great.