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Founded in 1946, we're a leading swimming pool builder specializing in in-ground pools, renovations, service & supplies in West Grove, Pottstown, Oxford beyond.


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West Chester, PA

Anthony & Sylvan Pools

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Anthony & Sylvan originally built our swimming pool in 1997. We recently had them renovate our pool for the coping and the tiles. I got four bids for the pool renovation and there were a lot of private companies who wanted our business, but Anthony & Sylvan worked with me and they even matched the competitor's price. Working with a big company, I knew we had to go back to Anthony & Sylvan. We liked the design consultant who worked for them. He's very knowledgeable and he has been in the pool business for 40 years. He used to build pools, so he knows what he's talking about. It was good working with him. He returned every phone call I made to him and explained everything to us.

Anthony & Sylvan did a full renovation of our pool. All the tiles have been replaced. They tore off the coping and rebuilt the wall where the coping is on, and they also did the piece of caulking behind the coping. We have a raised spa that the waterfall goes into, and they rebuilt all that. The construction guys from the company that Anthony & Sylvan subcontracted to were great and did an awesome job. I only have a lot of good things to say about them. They were quick, in-and-out, and clean. Everything worked out excellent and I'd use them again.

We did a special order tile because we didn't like anything in the book. Even when we built our pool originally, we used a special order tile. We finally realized that the special order tile that we ordered was not what we were getting. Compared to what we had picked, the tile that we received was terribly off. I get that the tile we picked was a discontinued tile but the tile company didn't tell Anthony & Sylvan. Tiles had to be obtained from four or five other locations that had samples, and 29 pieces were needed to get the job done.

It took four shipments to get the tiles correct. When the construction guys came to do the work, they had to come back four times because every time they came out, it was the incorrect tile. It was very frustrating dealing with the manager in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. The correct tile finally came out of California with the fourth shipment. A lot of phone calls had to be made and a job that should have taken just a week took almost five weeks until the correct special order tile was delivered, but we finally got this issue worked out and our renovated pool turned out great.

It's a beautiful pool, a free-form with 300 sq. ft. If you're in the pool, it looks fine. You can put a generic tile on the pool and it doesn't look nice. We have something different right at the area of the pool out there -- retaining walls made out of stone, and the colors of the tile are a burgundy and a brown. The pool pulls up all the colors on the retaining walls. So, the tiles make the pool.

I'd recommend Anthony & Sylvan to a friend. They're very good, with a gentle eye. But when I leave a message for someone, and they don't get back to me or return my calls, it gets me upset. Towards the end of the project, when I needed some answers, I called the design consultant, but he never returned my call. This was frustrating for me because that was when we had an issue with the special order tile coming in correct. After calling Anthony & Sylvan seven or eight times, they did pick up and gave excuses why they didn't return my phone calls. They finally got electrified after dealing with quite a few people. Nevertheless, Anthony & Sylvan took care of me. They gave me a gift card for $600 to the store. Then they gave me $500 off from my bill on the special order tile. They're a great company.