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Collierville, TN

Choate's Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing

AC troubles tech was suppose to add freon that I don't believe was ever added. They charge me and tried to upsale sale me new units.

Choate's AC& Heating rep. visited my home due to AC systems outage the week of 6-30-16 temps reached 100 that week. He diagnosed 1 system needed freon, 1 needed a motor, and another leaking. He added 4 tons of freon in one system and recommended comfort advisor to visit on other systems. Advisor came out day later and experienced the heat in the area where freon was added in which we had fan installed in room. He advised we needed to install 2 new units at a cost of about $17,000.00. Told him we wanted to think about it, call office about the unit freon was added to not keeping cool they sent another tech out that said unit was leaking I told him he just put in the day before.
He said that's chance you take with adding freon however I paid them$427.00 for the chance occurrence from this so called knowledgeable company. I called out another company and all units in home working for less than $500. They also added freon that didn't leak out the very next day. I don't believe he ever added any and this was a move to get me to purchase new units I'm very disappointed in the service I received when called about $427 refund they told me I could use it toward the new installation. Which alerted me to get a second opinion. I WARN all homeowners to get second opinions and make sure they're not from Choate's.


Thank you for letting Choate's know about your service experience. We are truly sorry that we were not able to take care of you to your satisfaction. Choate's sent one of our experienced technician to address the problem. He did add refrigerant to the system, but our industry cannot warranty the refrigerant. This is because a HVAC system is a closed refrigerant system that should not leak and if it is low then there is a cause to do so, more often a hole in the system. Depending on how low and age of the HVAC system, it is recommended to consider a replacement option. If a new system is desired than Choate's will credit the refrigerant cost to the new system. It is never Choate's intention to make anyone feel like our technicians is trying to offer more than needed. It is our desire only to educate if the refrigerant is low, than it most likely will leak again and to offer solutions to the problem at hand. Choate's will go over this concern with our technicians and will always strive for satisfaction.

Choate's Air Conditioning, Heating, & Plumbing commented on 07/19/2016