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Quanz Advanced Auto Care is the premier mechanical and electrical auto repair facility in Albuquerque, NM. We have put hundreds of thousands of cars, trucks, vans


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Albuquerque, NM

Quanz Advanced Auto Care

Strongly do not recommend!

Last fall, I had an issue where my engine would stop after I'd started my car and made a right turn. One of my coworkers had a similar issue and it turned out to be his alternator. Since AAA only towed 5 miles, I took it to nearby Quanz. I suggested they check out the alternator. They tested it and said it looked just fine, and replaced the fuel pump instead.

Within a week, my engine again stopped during a right turn onto Coors. I called Quanz and they towed my car back to their place. Their solution was to give me a SECOND fuel pump. Everything seemed OK until I needed to fill up with gas later that week. The gas leaked straight onto the ground and needed to be cleaned up by the gas station, while my car again got towed to Quanz. They stated one of their mechanics had forgotten to install one of the seals. They replaced the fuel pump (pump #3 now) and added the seal, and this time even tried to charge me for the seal they had previously forgotten!

After the 3rd fuel pump, the problem came back. I instead took it to Jiffy Lube and had them check the alternator (my first hunch and initial request to Quanz). Their test showed a bad alternator, they replaced it, and I no longer had any problems. Magic! If only Quanz's test had properly shown my bad alternator.

To top it off, a couple of months later I went to fill my tank with gas, and the hole to insert the gas nozzle had actually shifted underneath the body of my car to the point I was unable to insert the nozzle & fill up. Ridiculous, and most certainly related to the 3 bad fuel pump replacements by Quanz.

I had to take my car to them 3 times and they still really messed up my car, whereas Jiffy Lube surprisingly got it right on the first go. While the customer service was nice and everyone was very pleasant, I would definitely NOT recommend Quanz.