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I am not 100% satisfied but my husband wants to continue service

I am not 100% satisfied but my husband wants to continue your service because he talks to your driver who tells him about the restrictions you have for weed killers. Our backyard is disgraceful for paying for a lawn service. A friend last summer told us we had quackgrass & it has totally taken over. I ask my husband what your driver says & he says there's nothing that can be done. Now it's in our front lawn. It's disgraceful!! our neighbour has your service & his lawn is beautiful. I asked him how & he drives to Buffalo & buys spray to put on it along with your service. Is that what we have to do along with paying you $375.00 a yr.? our neighbour across the street has no service & my husband says our lawn is greener than his & we have less dandelions.


Hi there Nadine, Thanks for taking the time to post your comments about your Turf King experience. Thanks for your patience as it is not easy with the restrictions that have been placed on the products available for use on Ontario home lawns. Regular and consistent treatments and fertilization will improve your lawn.
Quack grass is particularly difficult. Some people may confuse it with crabgrass but they are different problems. At the present time there are no easy solutions to quack grass. It can be dug out but that is a huge undertaking and even small pieces of the roots left behind can regrow. The only product that will control it reasonably is Roundup (but it is not legal to use this product on home lawns.) Also Roundup will kill all plants- both the quack grass and the desirable lawn grass - so using it is also quite an undertaking. Fortunately quack grass does not flower to spoil the look of a lawn, but its grass blades are wider and grow faster than the regular lawn grasses and so some people do not like the way it looks in a lawn. Cutting your lawn more often will sometimes slow down its spread. Another problem with some lawns in your town is that some areas have sandier soil. Quack grass with its deep roots is able to survive dry summers better than regular lawn grasses. In hot dry summers it is often able to out compete the lawn and can spread faster than the lawn grasses. Don't hesitate to consult with us about your quack grass situation or about any other problems or questions you may have. We are happy to help you to understand what can be done.

Turf King commented on 12/16/2019