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Full service hypnosis center offers mental training for Olympic athletes and all levels. Anxiety, weight loss stop smoking, drinking, fears, phobias, test anxiety


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PA Hypnosis Center

Very happy pleasantly surprised I had bad anxiety for years problems sleeping and getting thru the day with out taking my Valium . I was in therapy on and off for 9 yrs I would eat when I was stressed and smoke . Developed cancer and had a heart attack all at once . Dr demanded I I quit and lose 50 lbs Every time I tried I got do anxious if eat and go back to smoking !!Went to pahypnosis as last resort . It's been one year on November 13 I have not smoked kept my wait down and I'm off my meds I wanted to wait before giving a review I thought it would wear off but I'm thrilled !! Amazed and grateful to Dan he's a very kind compassionate person . I stopped by the office to tell him he had tears in his eyes he really cares that's why I'm writing this I don't do reviews this one had to be published

Amazed here's why it's been one year I was on Valium , smoking 2 packs a day and eating out of control . I'm known as the stress eater . Dr found cancer and I had a heart attack all at once . I tried many times to stop smoking and my anxiety would be so and I knew I was killing my self by going back to smoking but couldn't cope
My grand daughter made the appointment and I went to pahypnosis reluctant and desperate . It's been a year !! No Smoking lost 50 lbs and I'm off my meds !! I wanted to wait for my one year mark cause I didn't think it would last so I'm happy to put this review up . I'm not a big reviewer but when I stopped at Dans office this week to tell him he had tears in his eyes . This guy cares about people and that's why I'm writing this for other people to see it changed my life and I'm grateful
Go see his office and talk to him before you talk yourself out of it . If my grand daughter would not have reached our to him I may not be alive today to see her grow up . What else could I say !