Thompson's Auto Repair & Towing

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Providing quality car care in Mesa, AZ since 1970. Thompson's Auto Repair & Towing is a family owned business delivering honest and professional automotive repair an


auto towing & wrecking


1 Stars

Mesa, AZ


Poor Communication and Service

This company was referred by my Insurance company, After I called in for the tow yesterday , I waited 2 ½ hours for the tow due to one or more cancellation, then to have the last tow company show up and tell me he will only tow my car if I either follow him or... Read More

5 Stars

Mesa, AZ


Great Towing and Repair Services!

I got in a wreck several months ago. I was very scared and didn't know what to do because I could not get my car to start up. The police officer recommended that I contact Thompson's Auto Repair & Towing because they would be able to take care of all my needs. So,... Read More