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Nicole L.

Virginia Beach , VA

Hampton Roads Moving & Storage

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I DO NOT recommend this moving company.. My husband was away on detachment and I had tried to set up this move to make it easier on him for when he came home. Right from the start the movers were very unprofessional in the way they acted towards one another. The 1 guy, I remember his name was, Tony, was very very Demeaning towards the other 2 workers and was very arrogant and prideful. The Tony guy was very rude in his body language and comments towards my children as well as myself. Absolutely nothing was done to make this process easy for me. I felt very uncomfortable and almost to a point of feeling bullied and I was very vulnerable without my husband here. Of course as a mom you have to keep an eye on your children as well and the movers had absolutely no empathy and actually took advantage of the situation. They put furniture and boxes in completely opposite places than where I had asked them to put them. The boxes were all clearly marked with what rooms to put stuff in and for example even my daughter's room had very girly stickers on it and I said those go in my daughter's room. I found all of her boxes scattered throughout the house and in other rooms as well as the other stuff in the opposite rooms. I have a 3 story house and I had stuff that needed to be on the 3rd floor that was all just shoved on the 1st floor . My kitchen was a disaster I had boxes from the floor to almost the ceiling. I had to unpack boxes myself. Why in the world would people leave this?!?! It was very difficult to make my kitchen even functional and to make my kids food. The movers were sliding things down the ramp pushing it down instead of carrying it. They were setting stuff outside that I said I was going to eventually possibly get rid of so I wanted to organize my garage. we have a woodstove that I wanted to set back in. Multiple times I mean at least 8 times I had moved stuff out of the way in this one spot that I wanted the Wood stove because it is very very heavy and they kept putting stuff back in the spot that I kept cleaning. I repeatedly told them I need the wood stove here ... I need the wood stove here and they disregarded anything I said like I wasn't even there. I feel like if my husband was here things would have been completely different they definitely took advantage especially the one guy, Tony, took advantage of my husband not being present. So let's get back to the woodstove. Like I said I told them repeatedly I wanted the wood stove in the back of the garage. They never got to it and even the Tony guy said looks like it's gonna rain. And of course what happens it rains and I mean down poured. Of course I have a TV entertainment center, a crib, a rocker chair, a bed, Stools and a few other things set to the side by the tree that should have been in front of the woodstove. But of course that was not a priority to any of them to listen to anything that I had said. My furniture that they were moving was to be put in my garage NOW I had suffered damage because of their ignorance and choice to disregard anything I had said. The entertainment center was only there because the guy took it upon himself to say it was broken and it was not broken.I felt like he was doing whatever he could to not have to take things in the house or put them on the 3rd floor. The guy actually took the bubble sheet, that you are supposed to bubble in for the numbers, as a military move and and started filling things out himself in the middle of the downpouring rain. I have multiple items that are completely missing and this guy took it upon himself to fill out the paperwork that he wasn't even supposed to touch. I want to warn everybody And to completely make you aware that this company does not care about you your belongings your home anything. I can go on and on with this Box was not in the room it was supposed to be in, this bed was not put together the way it was supposed to be put together. What's most important here is this company did not care about me!!! did care not care about my things!!! Did not care about my kids nor my home!!! VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!! The one guy was very disrespectful I don't know about the other 2 behind my back, but the 1 guy was very disrespectful out in the open. The Tony guy also felt the need to make make sexual comments about mine and my husband's bed and the fact that we have 4 kids and so on.. So to put it out there very very unprofessional. Let's go to the end where I am completely exhausted I'm at the point of being done I've cried, we lost someone close to our family the night before and this is the last thing I want to deal with. I also informed them that we had loss the night before and people just don't care about each other anymore. I did everything in my power to help them make them feel comfortable and I feel like I shouldn't have been treated this way. But down to signing the papers and seeing them off. Tony took it upon himself to put no damage. I had not walked through my home.. He put NO DAMAGE to my house!! I felt bullied and pressured into signing the paper.He was rude and said ma'am there is absolutely no damage to your house we took care of it.There is a lot of damage to my home. my house is freshly painted and they knew that coming in they were not capable of carrying anything up the stairs they were very out of shape maybe one guy was in shape. But if a company is going to hire people you might want to make sure they are professional they can do the job in multiple ways not just some random Joe off the road. I have actually gone through and read other reviews and this company does not care if people have had bad experiences. If you take the time to go through and look and read reviews you can see that they're very empty with their response if they even respond. Again I just want to warn you do not use this company look into them and find somebody that will actually care about you your home your things and have respect. Please feel free to also reach out to me I will share pictures I will share my experience and I will let you know how I was treated.