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Jennifer R.

Chesapeake, VA

Hampton Roads Moving & Storage

Not a great experience

This was our first time using Hampton Roads Moving & Storage, and it wasn't all that great. They came and packed our house out, loaded our stuff on a truck, and delivered and unloaded it for us. The guys who packed us out were pretty efficient. I guess it was scheduled for three days, but they did it in just one day. There were a couple of broken things, but not too many. The delivery was on time, but there were only two guys unloading, so it took them almost 13 hours to unload. They were trying to make the best of only having two to unload, and they were really upbeat; however, I did have to ask them to stop dragging furniture across the driveway, and they drug quite a few pieces and either broke them or messed them up in some way on the bottom.

The main problem was with the loading crew. They didn't lay anything down to protect the hardwood floors in the house. The packing crew didn't pack out the dressers, so all of the clothes were left in the dressers. Our furniture is solid oak, so, it's pretty heavy. They drug it forward and scratched the hardwood floors up pretty bad. One piece was in our daughters bedroom, and they gouged the floor in two different spots. The head guy seemed really irritated that I pointed out all the scratches that they left in the floor. He was pretty worthless, actually. He didn't direct his crew to lay things down so they didn't mess things up. He spent most of the morning putting tags on things, and then going back to double check for tags. When the crew would ask for help, he would say, "Okay, i'll get to it, but they would have to ask him multiple times for the same things.
In master bedroom closet, there was something that came off of someones shoes that was really sticky. it looked like tar. it wasn't there when they got there, but the head guy argued with me and said, "Yes, it was". It came up okay, but it wasn't there before they came. Then, the loading crew tried to blame the packing crew for why they messed up the floors.

We aren't completely finished unpacking and settling in, but as we unpack and get settled in, I keep finding things broken or messed up. Once I have taken inventory of everything, I'm sure there will be some kind of claim and everything will be taken care of, but it's just annoying that we have to go through this.


I know moving is stressful and I am sorry that we did not help your move go smooth. We did see the in home inspection done with load crew and the floor damage that was stated, yes our crew should always use floor protection and quality control is addressing that matter. We were under the impression from the review done on site that the move was going well. Please fill out your complete claim report and someone from our claims department will be helping you

Hampton Roads Moving & Storage commented on 07/30/2018