Runnemede Plumbing Heating

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Runnemede was found in year 1946. Technicians at Runnemede believe in finding root problem and fix it for good. Main aim is customer satisfaction.


plumbers & sewer repair

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Haddonfield, NJ

Runnemede Plumbing Heating

Wonder why their page was taken down?

They treat their "customers" as badly as they treat their employees. They try to cherry pick their reviews by either removing the bad ones or taking down the review page and starting a new one up. If you google Runnemede Heating Reviews, you will see some negative ones pop up under the link of However, when you click the link... go figure "the page you requested cannot be found" pops up. If you don't want solar or whatever else they offer, then they don't care about you. Ridiculous markup, ridiculous labor rate and, above all, ridiculous business sense. If you are unfortunate enough to become involved with these people then you should ask them how many different people they have working there or what their employee turnover is. I called them a few times a while ago and I never got the same technician. When I asked what happened to "so and so" the response was either "he doesn't work here anymore" or "never knew him." Needless to say I no longer use them for service or anything else for that matter. If people don't even want to work for this company... why would people want this company to do work for them? Think about it and call anyone else.