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Moving company in New Haven, CT and Providence, RI. 2 Young Studs Moving has been serving customers for 15+ years. Same/Next Day Moving Appointments Available.
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2 Young Studs Moving - Moving Company in New Haven, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island
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New Haven, CT

2 Young Studs Moving - Moving Company in New Haven, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island

Detailed review on a 1 BR move in New Haven

I rarely right reviews which says it all, but here's my experience with this moving company for a one bedroom apartment move (approx 25 boxes medium sized boxes from U-Haul, 5 suitcases, 1 bedroom furniture, and 2 couches, and few other miscellaneous items). I hired 2 people to help our move.

1. Booking the move: Easy through the website. Contacted Chris few times before the move and was responsive with changing the date of the move.

2. Movers insurance: This company can provide you with one, however, asks you to provide them with a sample that the property management uses (if you live in an apartment). Someone ended up editing the sample policy i provided (without changing the dates of the sample) - so not sure if that was a legit insurance (also they make you sign a waiver on the day of the move that you either bought insurance or you will be reimbursed 0.6/lb regardless of the item - makes you wonder).

3. Moving day: Arrived 30 minutes late (which was fine by us, but ended up causing an issue with elevator reservations). Let's just say it took the 2 movers more than one hour to move 18-20 boxes from the apartment to the truck (with a reserved elevator). Throughout the move you notice that the movers are on the slower side - had no incentive to finish the job early. They will drag your time. They never stacked the elevator causing constant delays in the move. It took them more than 3 hours to empty the apartment that was all set for the move (everything packed, everything ready to be carried out) with my wife and I actively trying to expedite the move and carrying things with them to the elevator. I tried to call/text chris few times during the move, however i was not able to get hold of him. He did call the movers and asked if I had issues and they communicated it back to me - putting me in a situation that i didn't want.

All fairness, they were careful carrying stuff, with minimal / no damage was noted on most of the items. We got to the new apartment that was 2 minutes drive - we had additional help. We were able to finish the job with another 4 hours. At one point towards the end, the movers were supposed to bring the last piece (a couch), then for 30 minutes i haven't heard from them, turns out they were waiting for the elevator. Chris did reimburse me for those lost 30 minutes.

4. Experience after move: I've mentioned that they reimbursed for wasting 30 minutes. I talked to Chris to discuss the move and our experience he said "You might have underestimated how much stuff you have. This could've been a 10 hour move". I thought that was rude. I've moved previously with the same furniture and it took almost 2/3 of the time it did right now (at least 2 hours less with less help).

Bottom line: Movers: extremely professional, just on the slower side. At least from my experience, they take care of the items. Double check on the insurance and validity (we did not have to get to that point and use it). They have no incentive to expedite the work since they will be paid more by the hour, so expect a 5 hour job to finish in 6, 7, 8... depending on the movers (especially if you're not moving in a busy season).