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Jeff S.

East Haven, CT

2 Young Studs Moving - Moving Company in New Haven, Connecticut and Providence, Rhode Island

Worst Moving Experience Imaginable

This is my first ever review. That in it self says a lot about my moving experience with 2 Young Studs Moving llc. I fully understand that no company or person is perfect, however I had such a poor overall experience with my recent move, I felt inclined to share this to hopefully prevent what happened to me from happening to someone else.

To start things off, it is almost impossible to get in touch with Chris, you’ll have to call 3-4 times to hear anything back. Then once booked, I wanted to confirm my appointment on their website calendar (as instructed) and it was not present, but I digress.

The movers showed up on time and were friendly so that was really great. We started at 7am and around 9am we were nearing the end of packing the truck. Then we got to the final bed frame. The movers attempted to get it out of the building through each staircase but to no avail. It was eventually decided that the bed frame needed to be dissembled in order to get it out. There was one issue though: the two movers were un-equipped to dissemble the bed frame so that it could be moved. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any tools with them....not even one.

Because the movers did not have the proper tools, my mom had to run to the store to purchase tools they suggested us to get, so that we can successfully take the bed frame apart. Needless to say, the tools they suggested did not work and were completely the wrong tools to get. Waste of money and time.

As you can imagine, several hours went by where the team attempted to move the bed frame and take apart the bed. We ended up having to leave the bed frame all together for the time being, otherwise there’s no telling how long this move could have taken in totality. 6 hours later the move was completed (excluding the bed frame)... but that’s when another issue surfaced — several pieces of my furniture had been scratched by the movers. The bed frame...........the dresser, desk and more.

I called Chris at the end of the move to discuss my experience, and he was very unapologetic and frankly rude about the entire situation. It was distasteful to say the least, and I was taken aback by the lack of empathy in his tone. Before I could even send Chris all of the images of the damaged furniture, he called me and granted a minimal refund which does not come anywhere near the cost of the poor moving experience or the furniture that was destroyed. Moreover, it would have been ideal if Chris was more considerate, empathetic, and understanding during our conversation. I’m huge on professionalism, courtesy, responsiveness, preparation, and these are all elements that my moving experience severely lacked.

I say all of this to say that I don’t solely blame the two movers as they were clearly ill-prepared to do their job. They should have tools...always and they should also scope out the location prior to beginning the move, and the owner of the company should be more considerate when dealing with customers, especially as we navigate through the difficult and trying times that we’re in.

I would HIGHLY recommend looking elsewhere if you have valuable furniture and items you need moved. You’ll want to find a company that handles your property with care, and handles business with integrity.